Sisters Hill Farm

Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of New York

Feeding our community since 1999

Stanfordville, NY​​

What a great season this has been, full of beautiful and bountiful shares!  Thanks for being a part of it all!

Join in the fun!  Throughout the season we have Farm Potluck Picnics, Work Parties, and Harvest Parties. Share some tasty food, dance to good tunes, help out the farm, and get to know your fellow members and farmers! 

2017 Season Calendar:

  • JULY 4th: Annual Garlic Harvest Party! Time 10AM to noon, we'll be in the far field at the sharp bend in the road

  • AUGUST 26th: 2nd Farm Barbecue party of the season featuring "Bob and the Boys!"  5pm till dusk.  Please bring a side dish or desert to share!

  • SEPTEMBER 25th: CRAFT Farm Tour - 2-5 PM 

  • OCTOBER 28th: Last "A" Week Saturday Distribution
  • OCTOBER 31st: Last "A" Week Tuesday Distribution
  • NOVEMBER 4th: Last "B" Week Saturday Distribution
  • NOVEMBER 7th: Last "B" Week Tuesday Distribution
  • ​NOVEMBER 19th: Thanksgiving Bonus Share for 2017 Renewals

Stay tuned for more upcoming events in the 2018 Season!

​Check out some fun shots of our picnics and parties over the past years!