Looking for a way to give back? Get involved in your community? Stay in shape? Or make some new friends? Come get your hands dirty and help us out! See what it's really like to work on the farm!

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Got a vegetable in your share you've never cooked before? Want to try to spice up things with an old standard? Looking for just the right recipe to wow a crowd? Explore our recipes cultivated over the seasons for every veggie in the book!

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Stay updated on happenings around the farm, growing practices, farmer stories, seasonal recipes and more with our newsletters from seasons present and past.

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Learn more about Sisters Hill through our educational Youtube channel. Find share videos, instructional farming clips, and more here.   

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We consider it a vital part of our mission to be training the next generation of farmers.  If you are considering a career as a CSA farmer and would like to do it in a way that is life enhancing and spectacularly productive, then this is the place for you.  

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Keep up to date on the latest farm events here! Come join us for big volunteer days, music filled potlucks, and more! 

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