Sisters Hill Farm  

Turns 23 this year!

We believe that you and your family deserve the highest quality food and that's why we grow our produce using methods that comply with organic standards.  We view our farm as a living system and treat it with respect and care. 

Our goal is sustainability; for the land, for farm projects, and for our local community. We believe there is a connection between the health of the land and your personal health through the way we grow food. That's why we grow more than 100 varieties of some 50 vegetables, all chosen because of their superior taste and nutritional health. 

Sisters Hill Farm, organized in 1996, rejuvenated land that flourished as Hill Crest Farm in the early days of the twentieth century. After Mrs. Mary Halloran willed the property to the Sisters of Charity in 1917, the sisters continued to oversee the active farm and made improvements on buildings and property until the 1940s, when the land was left fallow.
Once again vibrant and thriving, Sisters Hill Farm now seeks to create a just relationship between people and the earth through the growth of healthy food, outreach to the poor, and community-building activities. An active CSA since 1999, we have grown from one acre feeding 40 members to 5 acres feeding more than 300 families. Each year we harvest around 90,000 pounds of the highest quality produce, and hit the 1 million pound mark in the 2014 season!

our community

Health: from the inside out

As an expression of our reverence for creation, the Mission of Sisters Hill Farm is to grow healthy food, which nurtures bodies, spirits, communities, and the earth.

Located in Dutchess County, New York, Sisters Hill Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture not-for-profit farm sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of New York.  

Since 1999 we've grown and shared over 1 million pounds of the freshest, most delicious produce with our members and charities. To learn more about the Sisters of Charity of New York and their 200+ year history of service to their communities, explore their website:

The Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul of New York have been advocates for people who are poor for more than 180 years. This project is a natural extension of that work. One of the farm's main goals is to share about 10% of the harvest with our neighbors in need, whether it be directly to families, or to soup kitchens and pantries.

David Hambleton
Director and Farmer 

Sisters Hill Farm wouldn't be the special place it is today without Farmer Dave. He has, with the aid of many great apprentices and volunteers, created a beautiful farm that everyone can be proud to be a part of. David was hired in 1999 by the Sisters of Charity to develop a CSA from scratch; he brought an extensive ecological and educational background to Sisters Hill Farm. This includes a degree in environmental studies from Binghamton University as well as talents as a carpenter and cabinet maker. Dave loves developing scale appropriate tools and systems and mentoring the next generation of sustainable farmers!



2021 marks our 23rd year as a CSA farm!  The incredible support and generosity of our farm community continues to keep us in awe. Since our first year in 1999 we have graduated more than 40 apprentices, harvested over 1.5 million pounds of produce, and grown our community to over 300 families! We’re so thankful for the love and support we’ve received, and we’re excited to see what the future holds!