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Volunteer                     As an expression of our reverence for creation, the Mission of Sisters Hill Farm is                                                                                   to grow healthy food, which nurtures bodies, spirits, communities, and the earth.

What to expect: 

You can anticipate a friendly atmosphere, engaging conversations and rewarding work.  Working in the fields can be physically demanding; we are often kneeling while harvesting or weeding.  Knee pads are recommended if you have sensitive knees.  Other times you'll be standing and washing vegetables or packing vegetable shares in the shade of the barn.  Both are especially fun on hot summer days!   We have volunteers that range in age from 8 to 83 years old, so come on by the farm and see what it’s all about! 

What to wear/bring: 

Please wear closed toe shoes or boots and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty as well as a sun hat or sunscreen.  If it’s raining, bring rain gear, as we do work in all weather conditions.  Don’t forget to bring a water bottle.

When to come by: 

We always need help harvesting for distribution.  Good days to come by for harvesting are Tuesday mornings from about 9-12 and Fridays from 9-4.  You can come anytime during those times and feel free to stay as long or as little as you like.  Every bit of help you give us allows us to work less, whether it’s at your pace or ours.  If you can’t make it on these days but can another weekday or have never volunteered before with us, please do get in touch and let us know in advance so that we can plan accordingly.  Call us at 845.868.7048 or e
mail us at

Volunteer Profiles

Judie Mackie
Location: Clinton Corners

Years volunteering at Sisters Hill Farm: 2006, I believe,
which would make 8 seasons.

Why do you volunteer? Many reasons.  Initially, this is my
way of giving back, There is much to be grateful for. The
mission of the farm reflects my values, besides just being a
beautiful place to be. The connections; the people that I have
met. It is inspiring to meet and work with the apprentices.
Dave is always giving so much in the work that he does, his integrity, the quality of his produce and of the farm. Meeting
Dave's family, Sister Mary Ann and the other volunteers
adds to the enjoyment especially as the relationships get
closer; it is warming to the soul. I learn so much from the
people that we work with.

What your favorite part about volunteering? I don't know
that I am able to really separate out my favorite aspect. I do
love it when I feel really productive!   Being part of such 
grounding work is satisfying and sometimes it is just the
social interactions that feel so wonderful. Also, seeing the "community" harvests when so much is accomplished would
be one of my favorite parts. 

What is the most challenging aspect of volunteering?
That is easy, productivity(not working fast enough) and quality control.

What's your most memorable volunteer moment? It may
be that it isn't just one time, but would be all the times that
there was an interesting exchange of ideas, that I was able
to enjoy the peace and serenity of the farm, the abundance
and quality of a Tuesday distribution.

How has volunteering at Sisters Hill Farm impacted or changed your life? Being involved as a volunteer means
that I am more in touch with some of the issues that are
important to me, that I am able to appreciate how fortunate
we are to live in this area where we must have the choice
of some of the best food available. Being involved is grounding
and fulfilling.

Pam SanFilippo

Location: I live on Stissing Rd. in Stanfordville.

Age: I'm 68 and not retired yet!

Years volunteering at Sisters Hill Farm: I can't remember exactly when I started volunteering but it could be about 6 or more years ago.

Why do you volunteer? I have quite a bit of free time and wanted to do something meaningful.

What's your favorite part about volunteering? My favorite part is working and interacting with Dave, the apprentices and other volunteers, and being part of a farm that produces healthy food.

What is the most challenging aspect of volunteering? Challenges are the physical part of the work but there is a satisfaction when the job is done and the result is beautiful vegetables. 

How has volunteering at Sisters Hill Farm impacted or changed your life?    I like being able to contribute in a very small way to do something that helps our planet and I've learned about farming as well. There's always new things to learn and it's great to meet other people who feel the same way.